We support initiated & implemented by community to enliven public spaces across Singapore to build interactions & create shared memories.

About Us

What is Our Favourite Place

Colorful art installations at an open space, play-sets at a park, or a breezy pop-up park in an alley – imagine public spaces transformed into vibrant, people-friendly places by the community, and that’s what Our Favorite Place program is all about.

This program by the Urban Redevelopment Authority supports the community to bring vibrancy to public spaces across Singapore, provide funding support, one-stop consultancy and connecting like-minded individuals to develop and implement engaging activities and installations.

There’s no idea too big or small when it comes to creating fun and memorable public places for everyone – be it refurbishing old pianos into cheery art pieces for anyone to play, a 3D jigsaw playground or lounge chairs on lush lawns.

Have an exciting vision of what a public space in your neighborhood could potentially become? Our Fave Place welcomes all proposals that will bring members of the community together. With these spaces as blank canvasses, the possibilities are endless!