We support initiated & implemented by community to enliven public spaces across Singapore to build interactions & create shared memories.

The Challenge

Do you have a great idea for a pop-up project to enliven a public space in your neighbourhood?

Submit your proposal and stand a chance to win $1000 and the opportunity to work with us to develop and implement it!

Design Requirement


Our Favourite Place programme has supported a diverse range of projects that have activated many of the public spaces in our city – from our Play Space project inspired by the HDB mosaic playgrounds to the ground-up public piano movement, Play It Forward Singapore. 

We are looking to implement ideas for new pop-up installations which can 

  • Engage – invite public participation and foster social interaction/community bonding;
  • Delight – inject a sense of fun and surprise; and
  • Enliven – activate and bring life to public spaces.

We are looking for interventions that address how public space can be better used and possibly instill a sense of pride in the community towards the public spaces in their neighborhood.

In describing your idea, please share with us:

  • Who is the target group of users?
  • How will people interact with the pop-up installation?
  • How will the pop-up installation help to delight and enliven a public space?
  • How will the installation encourage community bonding?
  • How do you propose to implement the idea?


There is no specific site for the competition. We are seeking ideas which have the potential to activate a range of different types of public spaces. Entries may show examples of how the installations can be set up in at least one or several sites.


As a guide, the pop-up installation should fit within a site area of 20-40sqm. Do consider the ease of transport and re-deployment of the installation in a variety of public spaces in your proposal.


The pop-up installations are to be installed for a one- to three-month period and can be easily installed/packed and transported.


We are looking for simple, short term and low-cost ideas that are able to have a positive impact on shaping the public spaces and the neighbourhoods. As a guide, we recommend that the cost of materials be within $4000.


The pop-up installations should be easy to implement and maintain. The implementability of the idea will be taken into consideration in the selection of winning ideas.


The prize monies are $1000 each for up to six best ideas submitted for the competition.

Depending on the implementable of the winning schemes, we will invite selected winners to work with us to develop and implement these winning ideas.


Entries can be submitted by an individual or group of persons, with no limit to the number of group members who can be involved in one submission.

There is also no restriction to the number of proposals that each individual or group can submit, but the individual or group must register separately online for each submission, and obtain a unique registration number.

Ownership of Materials and Intellectual Property Rights

Participants submitting their entries for the competition shall be deemed to have agreed to the following:

  • All drawings, photographs and other materials submitted to and received by URA for the competition will become the property of URA and will not be returned to the participants.
  • URA shall have the non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable and worldwide right, without payment of any charge or compensation to any participant, to use, modify, adapt, exhibit, publish or reproduce any and all of the submission materials and any copyright or other intellectual property rights in any and all of the submission materials for purposes of performance of public, statutory or regulatory functions or for promotional (non-profit), non-commercial, research and development, training or educational purposes.

Subject to the above, participants will retain ownership of the copyright and other intellectual property rights in all their submission materials.


The URA will exhibit the entries of all award winners and, at its discretion, a selection of other competition entries in a public exhibition following the competition.

Jury Decision

The decision of the Jury is final and shall not be negotiated, contested, reviewed, challenged or appealed against by any party through any means or process whatsoever.

Eligibility + Registration

I am a member of the public who has no experience in the design field. Can I take part in the competition?
The competition is open to all. You can convey your ideas and designs through images and text. 

Is registration required to enter the Competition?
Yes. You will be issued a unique registration number upon registering online. The registration number needs to be indicated on all your submitted materials. Your submission will be presented anonymously to the judging panel for evaluation.

Can an entry be made by a group? How many members can a group comprise?
There is no limit to the number of members in a group that can be involved in one submission.

Am I allowed to submit multiple entries?
Yes. Each submission requires a unique registration number.

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